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7 August 2012: Hi all, at Karabar we have a Belonging unit using Emily Dickinson for really capable Advanced students if anyone is interested?

17 July 2012: Have a look at my post on the DE symposium! Angella Hopkins (Karabar DEC

17 July 2012: Jeanette Gill from Cluic has provided catalogues of everything produced on TALE for English including great video recordings of interviews with authors! ... loooooook here! :O)

17 July 2012: Jeanette from CLIC provided these links for us ...
Siters2See Digital study skills:
Sites2See Copyright for students:
Sites2See Digital media:

12 Jun 2012: Does anyone have a DE unit or materials for Gothic Fiction or any ideas of a visual text based unit for Yr 11 Extension 1 English for next term? I want to do something that is predominately Moodle based as I have mostly overseas students. - Lisa (