The aim of this group was to try and pool ideas/resources to better meet the needs of disengaged students that remain at school due to the increased leaving age.
After the Network meeting at SXDE this week we came up with a few basic ideas of units of work that may be written to cater to these students. Below are a few that we thought of on the day- please feel free to add ideas/more units/ resources or comment on what you see. When we have enough ideas/resources we will be able to begin writing. Titles are certainly not set in stone- they are just a beginning!

Touring the North Coast in a Combi
  • students could map where they are headed
  • Learn to read a tide chart
  • learn about onshore/offshore winds and wind direction
  • create a budget/table of expenses
  • calculate km's between destinations
  • using QR or tourist booklets as sources
  • weather

Touring the 'BIG's'
  • Mapping
  • distance between destinations
  • weather
  • budgets

Caring for pets
  • information on specific animals and their basic needs.
  • Housing
  • budget for caring for them

Freshwater fishing
  • Different fish species
  • destinations for fishing
  • Fishing gear used
  • Fishing laws/regulations
  • threats to freshwater species
  • sustainable fishing- catch and release, releasing fingerlings etc

Marine Fishing
  • Popular Eastern Australian species
  • Fishing gear used
  • Permits/ regulations/ quotas
  • Aquaculture
  • Maths- growth rates,
  • migrationpatterns

  • SXDE have a possible unit that could fit this category- may be able to be ammended to suit YES

Sewing basics
  • Basic stitches- blanket, whip stitch etc
  • textile materials
  • creat a project- hand sewn pillow or toy?

I have inserted a file with my plan for the unit of work 'Touring in a Kombi'. Have a look and pass comment if it worked!