Network update as from the start of 2013 Duncan Gerdes will take over as DEVAN Coordinator. Welcome Duncan, we are all looking forward to another exciting year of network fun!
Change to funding application:
Gilbert Bel-bachir, decided to not go ahead with interview.
Re allocate funds to support DEVAN Conference 2013. $2000 deposit paid to Bundanon for Conference.
Funding application:
Network Name: Visual Arts
Coordinator Name: Sharon Hodgson Position: Head Teacher

Actual Funds received : $10250
Distance Education Collegial Network’s Funding Request - 2012
Collegial Network Name: Distance Education Visual Arts Network (DEVAN)
Collegial Network Coordinator Name:
Sharon Hodgson
Collegial Network Coordinator –
Email: Sharon.Hodgson
Collegial Network Coordinator –
Phone No:0410329658
Collegial Network Coordinator School:
Southern Cross Distance Education
Key Learning Area/s
Visual Arts
Stage of Learning
Stages 4-6
Total Cost: $10840

Summary of the Funding Request (No more than 200 words)
The members of DEVAN who attended the 2012 Conference prioritised learning material production and training for this funding request.
  1. Case study Stage 6 VA and Photography with Sydney artist Gilbert Bel-Bachir.
  2. Training in contemporary technologies through MACICT to ensure currency of materials through the use of engaging technologies.
  3. Conference 2013 to focus on learning material production, with the development of 3 strands for each resource developed. (LD, Core and extension). Access to training at conference for DEVAN members in Universal design, blended learning and with expert in LD materials to ensure our resources are engaging and will meet the needs of students with various learning difficulties.
  4. Participation in Middle Years cross curricula learning materials production
Overview of the Plan
The What
The How
The Who
Case Study with Artist interview for use in Stage 6 Visual Arts and Photography
Interview with Gilbert Bel-Bachir video
Tiffeny Cox SXDE and Rachel Lane (SDEHS) to conduct and video Interview
Develop learning material for use with Interview
Tiffeny Cox Rachel Lane
Tiffeny Cox
Term 3 2012
Casual relief days 5 x $380
Flights and accommodation in Sydney for T.Cox
Access to training courses in contemporary technologies via MACICT ( Macquarie University short courses)
Provide funds for DEVAN members to cover costs of enrolling in MACICT. DEVAN members then have responsibility of training others in DEVAN and writing learning materials using skills learnt in the courses
DEVAN members
Includes costs up to $500 for each short course one DEVAN member per De school
Learning material development
Each resource developed to be include 3 levels
  1. Learning Difficulties
  2. Core
  3. Extension/ GATS
To address the needs of our students
Provide release days to DEVAN members for learning material production
(if required as some DEs have procedures in place to provide time)
Training in Universal Design and Blended Learning at DEVAN Conference 2013
Access to expert in LD
learning materials for training for DEVAN members so we ensure quality of resources in this growth area.
DEVAN members
Greg Alchin/Kym Knight
And /or Special Needs expert
Casual Relief days
10x $380
Casual release days
3x$ 380 plus
Flights and accommodation
Participation in Middle years cross curricula unit development
As per Middle years Network plan
Selected DEVAN members
2012 /2013
Funded through Middle Years network submission
Total Cost:

DEVAN Conference 2012 Sydney Distance Education High School
Action / Decision
Show and Tell
Samantha Moss
Forrest Shrine Sculptural Workshop
Matt Beyer
Copper Sulphate Etching workshop
Support pack provided
Paddington Gallery Tour
Walking tour of Art Galleries with Isabelle Johnston
Please remember to pay invoice for cost of tour
Exhibition Opening
Looking Through Glass
Gilbert Bel-Bachir
Attend Photography Exhibition Opening
Idea: for case study Interview with Gilbert Bel-Bachir . Resource could then be used for Stage 6 Photography or Visual Arts
Biennale MCA and Cockatoo Island
Tour of 2012 Biennale
Idea: for resource based on Biennale
Investigate idea of “SIM on a stick” to have virtual experience of Biennale – also include student artmaking task within Biennale site. Lindie (SDEHS) and Tiffeny (SXDE) to collaborate
Show and tell
Jude Hotchkiss and Rachel Lane
Video in Moodle
Debbie Murray
PDM course materials
Anne Hodgson
Visual Design course materials
Tiffeny Cox
Year 12 Case Study Shock Art
Videos issued to all in attendance
Put on Equella when it goes live
Investigate possibilities of further TPL with Rachel on video production
Materials can be emailed to those who would like it
Have purchased “Portable Photo Studio and lighting Kit” from Officeworks and recommends to other DE s
Photocopies of some resources issued
Copy issued to all Des
Duncan requested copy of Gordon Bennett Case Study
DEVAN 2012 and Beyond
DEVAN Conferences
Funding application priorities
Learning materials production
Discussion of SXLMPU procedures delivered to KDEC also showcased at DE Symposium 2011 and 2012.
(These have been mandated at SXDE)
DEVAN Network Coordinating
Discussion around Coordinator position, guidelines for role and processes for changing coordinator
Discussion on sharing of resources and metadata required
Idea: Have conferences at SDEHS to tie into the Biennale every 2 years. The focus of these conferences would be artists practice/ contemporary practice. Alternate year’s conferences split between other DE s as host. Focus of these conferences would be on resource development. Would need an inspiration source for material development such as we had previously at Bundanon. 2013: Dubbo’s turn to host but need to consider viability. Possibly look at revisiting Bundanon, Duncan to investigate availability and costing’s. Or Possibly Broken Hill, Lindie to investigate venue and costing’s.
Idea was floated to go to Hobart to MONA Gallery. Travel interstate is difficult to organise and would require approval for all from their SEDS and Regional Directors. Cost may also prevent members from being able to attend; we need each DE to be able send 1 or more representatives each year.
1.Gilbert Bel-Bachir Photographer: Develop case study and Interview with Artist by T. Cox( having made the contact with Gilbert Bel-Bachir
Costs would be Tiffeny Cox travelling to Sydney –
2. MAC ICT: access courses run by Macquarie university. Target staff from DE to enrol in relevant ICT courses to support delivery of materials to students. These staff can then train others and share resources they develop. Approximately $300 - $500 cost per course
3. Resource development: Focus on developing materials that suit the needs of our students. Look at developing materials at 3 levels LD / Core / Extension (GATS). Training with staff from DESU or other relevant person to work with DEVAN on training to write LD materials appropriately.
As a Network we agree that the SXLMPU template and processes do not meet the needs of Visual Art, Photography and Visual Design. We require far more flexibility within the template. PDM materials showcased by D. Murray were outstanding quality and reflect the needs of our courses. As we focus on contemporary artmaking we believe we need to focus on keeping our materials contemporary utilising contemporary technologies to engage our students.
Ghetto Biennales: contemporary artmaking / curating, could be a great idea to pursue for case study
Agreed to share role amongst the different DEs to give DEVAN members the opportunity for TPL and leadership experience with a 3 year tenure period for Coordinator position.
As of 2013 coordinator role will go to Duncan at SDEHS. Continue to share and delegate responsibilities for conference organisation and other tasks to maintain democratic approach to maintaining effective running of DEVAN.
VC to be held week 8 Term 3. This will be after RDE staff will have visited most DEs in term 3 completing the Equella training package.
Deduce wiki
Facebook group DEVAN (locked group) great way to communicate. Please join if on Facebook.
DEVAN Membership
Lindie Matthews (
Rachel Lane (
Jude Hotchkiss (
Angela Zarocostas (
Marie Tacon (
Duncan Gerdes (
Anne Hodgson (
Vivien Lightfoot (
Matt Beyer (
Cassandra Holland (
Debbie Murray (
Sharon Keyte (
Tamara Lawry (
Sharon Hodgson
Samantha moss (
Tiffeny Cox (

Network ideas
Possible Support Required
Implement and follow up ideas from 2011 Conference
1.Establish Facebook group for ease of communication and to build collegiality in another platform
2. Stage 6 assessment
3. Special Needs units – identify units already created and share; prioritise needs
4. Video demonstrations – identify who has developed demonstrations previously, look at sharing resources, identify areas each DE is hoping to produce this year;
T. Cox (Tiffeny Paine on Facebook) to create FB group
S. Hodgson to email 2011 priority reminders
Already created with
S. Hodgson; D. Murray and A. Hodgson already joined
Email sent and info requested term 1 2012
Encourage other DEVAN members to join
Continued willingness to share
Virtual Gallery
EQUELLA as site for student images to build Virtual Gallery
All DEVAN members to source imagery of their students work to store in EQUELLA
Procedures for students to allow publication of their work in this platform
Combined Overview of delivery
Sharing our overviews for each subject and year / stage to see where we overlap and what units we all deliver
Duncan Gerdes has volunteered to coordinate the collation of these overviews. Please email him with your overviews
Email request sent term 1 2012
willingness of DEVAN members to email overviews to Duncan
Ü possible follow up at 2012 conference or Symposium
Continue collegial support via conferences
2012 Conference at SDEHS
Duncan Gerdes and staff at SDEHS to organise
TBA possibly to coincide with Biennale
TPL / or other funding from each DE
Create shared resources
Conference 2012 to identify needs write new or adapt current resources
All participants
Annual Conference 2012 set priorities. Develop back at DE centres
Learning material production procedures at each DE site

Network members
Teacher Name
School Name
Email Address
Sharon Hodgson
Southern Cross DE
Anne Hodgson (HT)
Karabar DE

Duncan Gerdes (HT)
Sydney DEHS

Debbie Murray (HT)
Dubbo SODE

Matt Beyer
Camden Haven DE

Tamara Lawry
Dubbo SODE

Samantha Moss
Southern Cross DE

Tiffeny Cox
Southern Cross DE