Welcome to the Special Education Network

The Special Education Network is potentially huge because it needs to covers all KLAs across all stages. Current members of the Special Education Network will be invited to participate in a planning VC in the near future. New members from each school will be encouraged to join the network. In the meantime, you are invited to comment here on how we cater for such a diverse group.

Thoughts so far:
  • Everyone is asking for the sharing of resources across DE schools for students with special needs and the launch of Equella for DE may be a good way of achieving this. With Equella, DE school could start sharing resources that they already have available to cater for students with special needs. Protocols for saving and identifying these resources need to be established.
  • The survey last year highlighted the very broad needs of some DE schools but little that was specific. We need to reach a starting point. We need to identify very specifically what each school is hoping for in all KLAs.
  • A whole course including program and learning materials for students with special needs may be your long term goal. We need to start with something small enough to achieve immediately or in the near future.
  • Should we have a Special Education Coordinator at each DE school? Someone who could liaise with each section/faculty (not just their own) at their own school to establish the short and long term needs and prioritise when things should be done.
  • What PL is needed? Do teachers at your school know how to make adjustments and accommodation to the work sent to students with special needs?
  • If each DE school establishes a Special Education plan to meet the needs of their students in each KLA, the plans can be shared between schools to determine common needs/goals/resource requirements. These plans would allow for a coordinated approach so that schools are not creating or re-creating the same wheel.
  • Students with special needs can access all KLAs. Should the Special Education Network be liaising with the DE Network Co-ordinators to make sure they are thinking about the students with special needs in their planning. How do we do that?
All feedback and ideas welcome.

Distance Education Symposium: Collegial Networks- Information Sheet
Network Name: Special Education
Coordinator Name: Narelle Turner Position: Deputy Principal DESU
School Name: Sir Eric Woodward DE Support Unit Phone No: 99880677
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