Science Network

The Science network is starting to get going again. Members of the group are shown here. Please e-mail Helen to let her know if you know of someone else who would like to join the group.

Group Communication:

An Edmodo group has been set-up to allow for members to share their ideas and anything they hope for with the Science network. It will also provide an opportunity for sharing anything before Equella starts. This is viewed as being a temporary facility until Equella is going. Use this link to join the discussion.

First Video Conference

The first video conference was on Tuesday March 27, 2012. We had representatives from 2 centres.
We talked briefly about standards and realised that the more important issue is to start sharing and allow the material to be adapted to whatever standards each centre is working in. The material can then be adapted to meet the standard. This is particularly appropriate for on-line material that is presented to students via Moodle.
A need for material which is engaging. Resources could be prepared using the KISS material, but often this lacks engagement. It was noted that both centres had access to ClickView home.

Sharing base:

The forum will be the basis for sharing until Equella is available. (Some movies already shared on the forum, via YouTube).
A framework for which topics each would share (Yr 7-10) needs to be based on the national curriculum rather than our present material.
In the framework on the forum, each centre could indicate what resources are appropriate for that section of the National Curriculum. From that some areas may become obviously lacking in resources. This becomes the areas to focus our attention when developing resources.
We agreed to share using the Edmodo forum, and as people feel encouraged to share more. They will be posted here on Deduce if people feel they are worthwhile resources, or on Equella when it is going.
The meeting finished with a quick demonstration of the range of work on the Moodle server for Dubbo in Years 9 & 10, and Physics. Range of type of activities for each topic included, movies, quizzes, forums, HotPotato activities (e.g. crossword - self-marking, cloze, matching), LAW activities, on-line games and activities, etc.

DE Symposium

We were given some time to meet together as a network at the DE Symposium.
On Thursday June 7th we had representatives from Sydney, Dubbo, Kararbar. and Access. Participants introduced themselves and an update of what had happened so far was outlined. Particularly noting the Edmodo forum, and this DEduce web-site. The Forum had been the basis for the discussion on the funding for electronic resources where the KISS resources were recommended. Brainpoop and ChemLab were rejected.
The information required for the next round of funding and the network plan was displayed, and noted that the discussion for this will occur on the Edmodo forum,
Equella was introduced as the basis for sharing resources, and the definition for sharing was discussed.
The points for characteristics of resources were displayed, and noted that the Science network is not up to that yet, and will be investigated after resources are on Equella.
On Friday June 8th, the planned discussion of KISS resources was cancelled as all participants were familiar with its use.
Colin then introduced a Google Document to be a catalogue of resources for sharing. This caused extensive discussions which were not resolved. Some agreed to look at the document. Some had problems logging onto Edmodo, and so were directed straight to the Document.