PD/HPE Network

At the 2011 Distance Education Symposium the PDHPE network was formed. At this symposium the only PDHPE teacher present was from Southern Cross Distance Education. He was asked to initiate a network for PDHPE teachers in Distance Education. To begin the process video conferencing meetings were held, the minutes of these are attached.
Below are teachers who have indicated an interest in being part of the network. Other teachers are welcome to add their details to the table below.
Each network is supported by a "node". Sharon Hodgson from Southern Cross services Visual Arts,PDHPE, Aboriginal Studies, Languages and Computing. The "nodes" are coordinated by Kym Knight from the DE directorate in Bathurst.

Role on Network
Attending Symposium
Marisha Blanco
Dubbo School of Distance Education

Matt Lott
Sydney Distance Education High School

John McVeigh
Southern Cross Distance Education

Karin Morgan
Dubbo School of Distance Education

Tim Quayle
Dubbo School of Distance Education

Michael Waldon
Karabar High School

Bryce Webster
Southern Cross Distance Education

Brooke Whiteman
Sydney Distance Education High School

Jenny Brunskill
6210 5248
0402 757 767
Karabar High School and Distance Education Centre

Meeting 1: PDHPE Distance Education Network Video Conference - 24.08.2011
  • General Introduction
  • Description of Distance Education Centres
  • Dubbo approx. 8 full time equivalent positions
  • Southern Coss (SX) 3 full time equivalent positions (DE)
  • Discussion on pedagogy (summary)
  • Dubbo utilise phone lessons - 7 students per class (20-30 min/week)
  • Title Pages may be ticked off and HW sometimes left during phone lesson
  • Southern Cross have a Support Centre program of some 20 Centres, a large number of students are serviced at these Centres through faculty visits/ongoing program
  • Both Centres run camps
  • Discussion of sharing of materials
  • People unsure about the quality
  • Ned for common format
  • Sirit of sharing
  • Dubbo to provide scope and sequence of courses so DEC's can consider if they require any particular unit
  • SX to provide a list of materials developed at SX
  • SX to mail out SLR materials and links to CAFS materials (to be sent to all DECS)
  • General discussion of routines and procedures
  • Future directions for video conferencing
  • Increased number of students with significant support needs moving into Yr11
  • Non ATAR subjects on the increase e.g. SLR
  • Working parties
  • Minutes to all DECS
  • Next meeting to be 15.09.2011 at 10:00am

Meeting 2: PDHPE Distance Education Network Video Conference - 13.03.2012
  • Network HQ - Looking for a volunteer to head PDHPE network. Preferably someone from Sydney DEC. (Sydney DEC has offered to lead the network, supported by all DECs)
  • EQUELLA- EQUELLA is a digital repository that provides one system to house your teaching and learning, research, media and library content. Training will take place at some stage. Sharing documents and not always reinventing the wheel. (EQUELLA will become active later this year)
  • DE Symposium - This congregation presents a great opportunity to meet and collaborate pedagogical practise regarding the PDHPE network. (Staff to investigate opportunities to attend)
  • Meetings PE DEC - The frequency of meetings is a concern. Any opportunity to meet other DEC schools and gain an insight into their operating systems and procedures should be explored. (PDHPE DEC should meeet via Video Conference at least once a term. Incorporate into your budget one meeting per year in Sydney initially)
  • National Curriculum - This will present a great opportunity to use the network and pool resources. (National PDHPE Curriculum timeline will be investigated)

Coordinator Minutes
Distance Education Networks and RDE Support Strategy Video Conference - 19.03.2012
  • || Participants || Contact Phone Number || Role/Responsibility ||
    || David McLeod, Leader RDE (Bathurst State Office) || 63348070 || Presenter ||
    || Kym Knight, Coordinator RDE (Bathurst State Office) || 63348070 || Convenor/Chair/Minute Taker ||
    || Suzie New, Project Officer || 63348070 || Participant/Timekeeper ||
    || Peter Roberts, Menindee CS || 0880914409 || Participant ||
    || Lisa Tonkin, Southern Cross || 0404424200 || Participant ||
    || Narelle Turner, Sir Eric Woodward || 99880677 || Participant ||
    || Sharon Hodgson, Southern Cross || 66869112 || Participant ||
    || David Thick, Southern Cross || 66869112 || Participant ||
    || Colin McKay, Menindee CS || 58047086 || Participant ||
    || Tamara Smith, Southern Cross || 0427664696 || Participant ||
    || Louise Woods, Dubbo SoDE || 58047086 || Participant ||
    || Angella Hopkins, Karabar DEC || 62984300 || Participant ||
    || John McVeigh, Southern Cross || 66869112 || Participant ||
    || Rebecca Monteiro, Dubbo SoDE || 58047086 || Participant ||
    || Jo Herbert, Quenbeyan || 62992966 || Participant ||
    || Michelle Marotte, Camden Haven HS || 655681000 || Participant ||
    || Mel Siegel, Dubbo SoDE || 58047086 || Participant ||
    || Daniel Rattigan, Sydney DEHS || 93830200 || Participant ||
  • Resources - Agenda: Emailed to participants (19.03.20112)
DE Symposium Submission: Workshop/Expo Abstract
  • P.O.P.E. - Purpose: For all participants to come together to:
- Deduce Wiki
- DE Symposium and collegial networks
- Outcomes: For all partivipants to come together to:
- Confidentially support collegiality
- Have common understandings of communication
- Have common understandings of symposium networks
- Process: See meeting agenda
- Evaluation: Agenda items addressed and outcomes met

Acknowledgement of Country Agenda Clarification
David to welcome participants to the meeting and clarify meeting agenda
Update and progress of Collegial Networks
Kym to invite network coordinators to provide a quick update of their network
Update of RDE Communication Strategy
Kym to highlight the range of strategies being employed to communicate to the DE schools
  • Focus on Deduce (wiki for coordinators to add information about their networks)
DE Symposium Update
Kym to highlight the program overview
  • Workshops/expos and network time
  • Network time: The what and how
  • Workshop abstracts
General Comments
Opportunity for additional comments
Conclusion, Review Outcomes and Farewells
Meeting outcomes achieved
Meeting Close

Video Conferencing Meeting DE Coordinators Minutes: 10.05.2012
Agenda Items
  • Overview and outline of the two day program
  • Workshop and Expo names and maximum participants
  • Network times and expectations of networking
  • Evening entertainment
  • Resources
  • Resource and collegial submissions

Resources provided: Network Funding Request, Considerations for Creating resources, DE Symposium Collegial Session Network Plan, DE Symposium Program Overview and DE Resource Purchase Process

The Symposium 2012
DE Symposium- DE Collegial Network Plan
Day 1: Session Time: 3:30-4:30pmn
10 mins
Welcome and Introductions
Coordinator to facilitate

15 mins
Overview of the Collegial Network actions and outcomes
Coordinator to facilitate
Provide an update of actions and ideas

5 mins
RDE support
Coordinator to facilitate
Provide information about:
- NODES strategy
  1. Support network coordinators for 2012
  2. Provide name of NODE
  3. Will assist in Equella training
- Funding for:
  1. networks to develop collegiality, share and create resources
  2. based on submitting plan to RDE
  3. Provide submission form
Copy of Collegial Network funding submission form
5 mins
Promotion of Equella
Coordinator to facilitate
Provide information about: eg:
Promotion of Equella
- Allows DE teachers to share and access resources
- A place to store resources
- A place to share resources
- RDE will provide training in the use of Equella

10 mins
Resource Creation
Coordinator to facilitate
Provide the Quality Resource Characteristics sheet and:
- Mention that this is a guide to create resources when sharing on Equella
Characteristics sheet
15 mins
Collegial Network Plan
Coordinator to facilitate
Develop initial ideas to access funding to support your network
Provide the network with the plan for the following day and review

DE Symposium- DE Collegial Network Plan
Day 2: Session Times: 12:00pm-1:00pm and 2:00pm-3:30pm
(NB: Lunch is from1:00-2:00pm)
Session: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Resource Creation
Discuss a process for the production of materials and stage specific roles of team members.
Common template.
Discuss what are the priorities.
What resources we already have

Session: 2:00pm-3:30pm

Further discussion from yesterdays session

National curriculum
What to expect
FINAL REMINDER: Consultation on draft Shape papers for Health and Physical Education and Technologies closes Sunday 3 June 2012.
The public consultation period for the draft Shape papers for Health and Physical Education and Technologies will close on Sunday 3 June 2012.
Feedback from the public consultation will be used to revise the draft Shape papers, which will then guide the writing of the Foundation to Year 12 Health and Physical Education and Technologies curriculum documents.
To have your say on the development of the Australian Curriculum in Health and Physical Education and Technologies go to the ACARA website. Please submit written submissions for Health and Physical Education to hpe@acara.edu.au.
Health and Physical Education : http://www.acara.edu.au/hpe.html
Technologies web page: http://www.acara.edu.au/curriculum/technologies.html

Quick links:

Collegial Network Plan
Where to now

Symposium 2012 minutes

v Video conference week3 each term Monday 1:30 for further discussions
  • Symposium meeting next year for catch up again
  • Week 2 term 4 catch up
  • Schools to email teachers with their interests
v Establish a starting point of resource/assessment creating and sharing
  • CAFS as a starting point, Liz Harbison - Southern Cross, Rachel Sinclair – Dubbo, Emma Whitty, Alison Hill – Sydney.
  • Assessment Tasks for PDHPE yr11 and 12 the next priority
  • Equella training by the NODE will be available, also Kym Knight
v Teacher exchange program – staff swapping and having experience in a different distance education centre, thought?
v Schools to identify writing tasks that are in planning or production
v Dale’s photo to be forwarded to all members by Michael
v Brooke has put her hand up to organise agenda for next meeting

  • Here is our list of Karabar PE DE teachers, the year groups they teach, any special interests and loading...
Area of interest
Year groupings
Michael Waldon
Karabar High School
9, 10, 11crossroads
12PDH - cricket/soccer - 1.0
Jenny Brunskill
Karabar High School
9, 10, 11crossroads
11PDH - mountain biking, transition/disengaged students - 0.8
Suzanne Laver
Karabar High School
11PDH, 12PDH (in-school)
senior PDH, skiing - 0.5 DE 0.5 IS
Dale Moore
Karabar High School
7, 8, 10, 11crossroads
11SLR - middle distance running - 1.0
Noel Donohoe
Karabar High School
10, 11crossroads
rugby league and touch (level 3) - 0.6
Krysia Szkiela
Karabar High School
9, 10, 11crossroads
sports Medicine - 0.6
Brad Taylor
Karabar High School
golf, farming - 0.1 DE 0.9 IS
PDHPE MInutes 17/8/12

In attendance: Brooke Whiteman, Matt Lott, Michael Waldon, Jenny Brunskill
Apologies:Sharon Hodgson, Marisha Blanco

  • Michael's request to access and use HSC PDHPE Core 1 on Moodle granted. He also asked how SDEHS ensure's practical PE lessons are completed.
  • Any ideas on how to police this.
  • Matt gave an update on the breakdown of the Application Funding:
  1. 8 DE members meeting at SDEHS in Term 4 to look at process of how the school operates e.g enrolments, student contact, blended learning, network discussion and writing new material.
  2. Writing assessment tasks - relief for teachers to write stage 5 & stage 6 assessment tasks for PDHPE & SLR to build a bank of resources in Term 4.
  3. Teacher exchange program - 5 teachers - Term 2 2013

Email Brooke
  • any further suggestions or specific ideas to expand on these funding points
  • suggested dates for proposed DE members meeting at SDEHS in Term 4

Equella Training
  • 11-12th September at SDEHS, othr schools to follow.

Please email Kym Knight any DE newsletter items i.e any interesting stuff going on at your centre