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The DE Languages Network has secured some funding for the following purposes;
  • Improve technical skills in using Adobe connect.
  • Create stage 5 resources with the aim of bridging the gap between Stage 5 and Stage 6.
  • Upskill and train staff in using software such as Adobe InDesign, Captivate etc in order to create learning materials.

In early term 4, Rosa D'Angelo from Camden Haven will be producing some Stage 5 Italian Moodle quizzes which will compliment the existing moodle course. She will be liasing with teachers from other DEC's in the process and welcomes input. On completion, the quizzes will be available on Equella.

  • I am still looking for teachers who are willing to create or co-create quizzes or resources in other languages.
  • I am also wanting to know if there is anyone who feels they are confident enough to teach Adobe Connect to their peers. At first I would like each DEC to connect within their school then expand it to connect each DEC together. The aim is that staff will then feel confident to use connect with their students. Relief time is available.
  • I have had a small number of Language teachers nominate themselves to undertake technology training and a few responses of which software they are intersted in learning. InDesign and Captivate have been noted but I am open to other suggestions. Don't be afraid to put your hand up.

Contact: Michelle Marotte 65568212 or email michelle.marotte@det.nsw.edu.au