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Our network aims to;
  • Work collaboratively to source funding and enrichment opportunities for ATSI distance learners
  • Share resources that will enhance awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures
  • Share resources that support closing the achievement gap between indigenous and non-indigenous distance learners
  • Mentor teachers working predominantly with ATSI distance learners
  • Engage local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and foster genuine dialogue and community consultation that will inform educational outcomes for Indigenous distance learners
  • Promote personalised learning plans ( PLPs) for all full-time ATSI distance learners
  • share ideas, expertise and resources to support DE teachers to implement PLPs for all full-time ATSI students
  • Foster partnerships with NSW AECG, local AECGs and community members to promote positive outcomes for all ATSI students
  • Supporting parents and/or carers and families, within the context of improving education and training outcomes for students, to build their capacity to actively engage in the formal education and training of their children and young people.