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On Friday 2nd November 2012, teachers from Sydney, Karabar, Southern Cross, Camden Haven and Dubbo Distance Education Centres came together for the first DE TAS Network Collaboration Day.

Teacher representatives from each DE travelled to Sydney DE to attend the day, with the aim of the day being to meet face-to-face, connect and exchange resources, make decisions regarding resource development for the future, and prioritise how the remainder of the funding will be used.

The event kicked off with an informal dinner on the evening before the Collaboration Day, where Network members had the opportunity to meet and greet in a relaxed environment and enjoy a meal together.

The day then commenced at 8am the next morning with welcome speeches from Sydney DE Principal Mark Piddington, and Network Coordinator Merewyn Saucedo. Teachers then promptly departed in prearranged groups according to KLA’s and commenced discussions.

The day was successful in that teachers were able to meet together, share program and resource information, learn about how other DE centres function, form KLA specific contacts and address the upcoming changes with the National Curriculum. The information fed back to the Network Coordinator will help direct how the remainder of the funding is to be used for writing.

I would like to personally thank all the head teachers and teachers who contributed to the day and made the effort to travel to Sydney for the event.

If you are interested in joining the TAS Network, or need any further information, please email Merewyn Saucedo: merewyn.hunt3@det.nsw.edu.au or visit the TAS Network Wiki: http://deduce.wikispaces.com/TAS